Grander Tracking – Number 9,10,11,12,13 & 14

Since my previous post on Grander Tracking on 21 July 2010 –  another 6 Granders have been confirmed… Lets take a look at the different fish:

Grander #9: Blue Marlin – 1,000 + lbs – Vialmoura, Portugal

The 9th grander for 2010 was caught and released off Vialmoura, Portugal on Thursday the 8th of July.

Captain Thiago Palma on the Blue Shark released a blue that was estimated at 1,000+ lbs.

Grander #10: Blue Marlin – 1,005 lbs – Bermuda Continue reading

2010 Mpumalanga Team Anouncement

On behalf of the Mpumalanga Deep Sea Angling Association I would like to congratulate the following anglers on their selection to represent Mpumalanga in the following tournaments:

Rumbley Bay Tuna Interprovincial – Association Team
Rumbley Bay – October 2010
Stef Bester (Captain) – Albatros
Ferdie Brits – Albatros
Andri Bester – Albatros – (Junior)

Gamefish Nationals – National Team
Sodwana Bay – November 2010
Attie Ackerman (Captain) – NDHK
Edwin Freeman – NDHK
Johan van Wyk – Albatros
Nico Jordaan – NDHK – (Substitute)

Light Tackle Billfish Nationals – National Team
Sodwana Bay – November 2010
Sybrand van Vuuren (Captain) – Hoedspruit
Leon Potgieter – NDHK
Jaco Jordaan – NDHK
Jan Strydom – Taratibo – (Substitute)

Heavy Tackle Billfish Nationals – National Team
Sodwana Bay – November 2010
Chris Rothmann (Captain) – Sea Pike
Kobus Sutherland – Sodwana
Hanro Swart – Albatros

Light Tackle Billfish Nationals – Masters Team
Sodwana Bay – November 2010
Wayne Wiid (Captain) – NDHK
Henry de Pradines – NDHK
Kobus Engelbrecht – Taratibo

Heavy Tackle Billfish Nationals – Masters Team
Sodwana Bay – November 2010
Jan Joubert (Captain) – NDHK
Wian Terblanche – Sea Pike
Willem Pretorius – Albatros

Nelspruit & District Angling Club Fishing & Outdoor Expo




Union Motors, Land Rover, Ford McGee & Co, Produkta Nissan, Volkswagen Palm Motors, NTT Toyota White River, Highveld Marine, HI-Q Tyres Nelspruit, Supa Quick Sabie, Fencing Electrical, Fire Extinguishers, Angling and Outdoor World, Milky Mouse Ice Cream, Guinjata Resort, Zavora Lodge, Vanguard Insurance, LVM Insurance Brokers CC, Hot Mix Fibre Glass & foam, Johan van der Walt’s Camping/Walks/Trails…….

Pub, big screen for rugby and great food available.

Entrance Fee: R20.00 adults or R30.00 per seminar, children and scholars free.


Friday 27 August
18h00 to 19h00 – GAME FISH by Gary Larkan (Protea Angler)

Saturday 28 August
10h00 to 11h00 – SAIL FISHING by Anton Getz (Protea Angler)
11h30 to 12h30 – MARLIN FISHING by Garth McGee (Specialist)
13h30 to 14h30 – FLY FISHING by Murray Pedder (Specialist)

Booking enquiries:
Edwin Freeman (083 628 3902)

Other enquiries:
Brad Van Zyl (082 957 8736)
Paul Whitaker (082 807 1070)

Grander Tracking – Number 3,4,5,6,7 & 8

June & July seems to be the time for BIG fish with a total of six Granders caught in the last couple of months… Lets take a look at the different fish:

Grander #3: Blue Marlin – 1,038 lbs – Mexico

Blue Marlin - 1038 lbs

The third grander for 2010 was caught off Veracruz, in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday the 19th of June.

While marlin fishing for his first time, in the 9th Annual El Pescador Marlin Tournament, angler Paco Iniguez Aguilar aboard the La Valiente (a 21 ft trophy center console) caught this 1,038 lbs blue marlin.

The fish was to large that she could not fit into the boat and they had to ask for assistance from another tournament participant in order to bring her in.

She was caught on a Black Bart RPP in yellowfin tuna color and the approximate fighting time as a little over one and a half hours.

Grander #4: Blue Marlin – 1,000 lbs – Cape Verde Islands
Grander #5: Blue Marlin – 1,200 lbs – Cape Verde Islands

Blue Marlin - 1000 lbs

The 4th and 5th grander for 2010 was caught off San Nicola, Cape Verde Islands on Wednesday the 30th of June.

Captain Ferdi Worst on the Bebiche had a double grander day. They boated a Blue Marlin that was right at the mark but there were no adequate scales to weigh the fish. Her tail girth was right at the magical 20” mark.

The second fish – also a blue was estimated at 1200 lbs but the leader snapped while the crew was handling the fish next to the boat.

The anglers were Jon Albisu and Rafael Modrego from Spain. The first fish was caught on a “Big Grander” lure with a fighting of about 1 hour while the second fish fell for a Mold Craft softy with a fighting time of about one and a half hours.

Grander #6: Blue Marlin – 1,097 lbs – Cape Verde Islands

Blue Marlin - 1097 lbs

The 6th grander for 2010 was caught off the Cape Verde Islands on Sunday the 4th of July.

While fishing in the Blue Marlin World Cup, angler Chris Brand caught a Blue Marlin of 1,097 lbs on the Happy Hooker captained by Berno Neibuhr.

This is the 3rd GRANDER caught in this international tournament in its history.

Congratulations to the Happy Hooker on the impressive fish and the Blue Marlin World Cup trophy.

Grander #7: Black Marlin – 1,150 lbs – Panama

Black Marlin - 1150 lbs

The 7th grander for 2010 was released off Panama on Sunday the 11th of July.

Captain John Richardson released a huge black marlin in Panama’s Perlas Islands. Not known as a major marlin destination. The fish was estimated around 1,150 lbs

Congratulations to John and the expert crew on the PICAFLOR for this astounding catch.

Grander #8: Blue Marlin – 1,012 lbs – Bermuda

Blue Marlin - 1012 lbs

The 8th grander for 2010 was caught off Bermuda on Monday the 12th of July.

Captain Kevin Winter on the Playmate weighed in a 1,012 Blue Marlin. The fish unfortunately died during the battle and came up dead after two and a half hours.

Congratulations to the angler John Andryszewski.

Sources: From The Water Magazine & StripersOnline SurfTalk

Sodwana daytime broadie – a plan comes together

Congratulations to the crew aboard “Lihann” for capturing a Broadbill Swordfish of Sodwana Bay in “broad” daylight. This is truly a magnificent catch and surely the start of a new target quarry.

We would like to remind everybody about the recent ban on vertical jigging and therefore urge all anglers to practice this method responsibly!!!

Story and pictures supplied by Jonathan Booysen

On the 6th of June 2010, Denis Booysen, Hannes and Michael Duvenage, Divan Coetzee and I launched Hannes’ boat “Lihann” off Sodwana. This marked the last day of a 3 day fishing trip in which we would target broadbill swordfish during the day. On the previous days, we had tried to determine which area we needed to concentrate our efforts on and after much debate, we decided that the ‘big W’ area was our best bet. We had tried fishing in depths from 350m to 450m which only resulted in large thresher sharks. On the last day, we unanimously decided to focus our efforts in the deeper water.

The weather was perfect with no wind and when we arrived at our designated area, there was no swell and very little current. I clipped on one of the squids that I had rigged the night before and let it out behind the boat. I then attached a few lightsticks onto the windon leader followed by a heavy sinker. All this was attached to an 80Lbs braided main line fished on a two speed reel on a bent butt 80Lbs marlin rod. This whole setup was slowly lowered to the bottom until the weight hit the ground. I then took a few turns on the reel to lift the sinker off the ground and we all settled down to wait.

Broadbill Rig

After about half an hour, the rod bumped a few times and the reel started running. My Dad took the strike and began the task of retrieving 500m of line. It took 45 minutes before the leader came up and when I took the trace, I saw the fish to be a nice yellowfin tuna. We gaffed the 30 odd kg fish and repositioned ourselves for the next drift. The same procedure of dropping the lightened rig to the bottom was used and again we waited for the strike.

At about 12:00 the rod tip gave the slightest bump and then bent slightly before coming back to the usual position. We all assumed it was a swell but the slight bump had us all wondering. Over the next ten minutes the rod tip indicated that the weight was bumping on the bottom and I would give the reel a few turns to keep it off the bottom. After a while the 500m marker came out the water and the tip still showed the rig was bouncing on the bottom. Hannes and I asked what the depth was and when my Dad said it was over 550m deep, we realised there was something strange happening. I told Michael to get into the chair and retrieve the rig and whatever was pulling the weight up. After about 30 minutes, the weight was about 80m from the boat but the line was angling to the surface. I told Michael that we probably had some kind of bottomfish on the line that was surfacing. Everyone on the boat agreed as this was the most logical explanation.

Broadie on the beach

A short while later, the sinker line broke off causing the line to come up even faster. With the line right on the surface, we were expecting to see a fish come floating to the surface. The next moment, the long dark bill broke the surface followed by the bronze body of a broadbill! This spectacular sight was met with spontaneous shouts of “BROADBILL!” from everyone onboard. The drag was immediately slacked and we were all in panic stations! The fish fought on the surface for about 15 minutes jumping clear out of the water four times. As the fish tired, it started making big circles under the boat. With each circle, it came closer and closer. I took the trace and brought the fish up the last few meters. As soon as it was in range, Hannes and Divan sank 2 gaffs into the fish’s head and swiftly pulled it on board. I am sure that boats off Diepgat heard the shouts from everyone onboard.

The Broadie Team

After a few photos, we packed up and headed for the beach. More photos were taken before we loaded the boat and left for Richards Bay.

We arrived at the Richards Bay Ski Boat Club at just after 6pm where the fish weighed in at 31,2kg.

This fish marks only the second broadbill ever caught in South Africa during the day. The first being caught be the crew of “Aphrodite”.

Congratulations once again to everybody involved!!!

All Inland Inter-Provincial & OET Club Championship Results

The annual All Inland Inter-Provincial in combination with the OET Club Championships was recently hosted by Mpumalanga Deep Sea Angling association at Sodwana Bay. Five provincial teams and seven club teams entered the All Inland while thirteen teams entered the OET Club Championships.

Herewith the results of the All Inland Inter-Provincial as supplied by Kobus Engelbrecht:

All Inland Inter-Provincial Category

  • First place went to Southern Gauteng on the boat Ocean Comotion with 922.81 points.
  • Second place was taken by Northern Gauteng on the boat Lucky Lady Too with 822.65 points
  • Third place went to Mpumalanga from the boat Go Fish with 630 points.

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Fisheries Minister Cans 500% Levy Increase

The Minister of Fisheries who took over as the political executive in charge of South Africa’s fisheries administration on 1 April 2010, confirmed that the proposed fish levies published by her colleague Buyelwa Sonjica earlier this year were both “bizarre” and “ridiculous”. She confirmed that the income from fish levies cannot alone be used to combat fishing. The Minister confirmed that MCM relies heavily on income from the sale of confiscated product and that this income could be utilised to combat poaching.

The fishing industry, artisinal fishers and the recreational sector must be thankful for this moment of sanity. The Minister’s frank and critical analysis of the draft levy proposals must be considered against the background that MCM’s financial woes continue into the current financial year.

Managing this financial crisis – the umpteenth one for MCM since 2005 – will be particularly challenging for the new Minister as she has committed her Department to a number of daunting fixes – not least the successful re-opening of the abalone fishery. As any diver will tell you – if you want to successfully open the abalone fishery to commercial diving again, make sure compliance is up to scratch, which it currently is not.

Poaching remains unacceptably high and brazen. Residents and divers in the Buffeljagsbaai and Gansbaai area reported to Feike that approximately 100 tons of abalone and lobsters were poached two weekends ago… and during the day. The Minister of Environmental Affairs did commit to re-opening the Hermanus Environmental Court in her budget vote on 16 April 2010 – although no date or timeframe for this was committed to. A dedicated, well resourced environmental court in Hermanus is a must-have in the battle against poaching. It is also time to review our sanctions and legal tools as the last legal review took place back in 2003. For example, it should become mandatory for convicted poachers to pay a fine based on a multiple (say 100 times) of the market value of the illegal product as well as forfeiture of all assets associated with the crime. For example, if you are caught with illegal dried abalone worth R100 000 on the international market (or any other illegal fish for that matter), your fine will be R10 million, alternatively an equivalently lengthy prison sentence.

The costs of poaching must far exceed any possible financial benefit.

Call for Nominations – Protea / SADSAA (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Montenegro, Sodwana)

For administrative and correctness purposes it is necessary to recall the following “Call for nominations”

Those anglers whom have already nominated do not need to repeat the process.

  • Nominations are hereby called for a team of between 3 and 5 anglers to represent South Africa (Protea colours) at the 46th FIPS-M World Boat Angling Championships to be held between 25th September an 2nd October 2010 from Montenegro (on the Adriatic Sea).  This is a Bottom fishing Tournament and provides a rare opportunity for our Bottom fish anglers to represent the country. The Entry fee is shown on the invitations as Euro850 per person which includes accommodation fishing etc but excludes all travel costs.
  • Nominations are hereby called for a team of between three and five anglers to represent South Africa (Protea Colours) at the 51st Hawaiian Billfish Tournament to be held in Kona Hawaii from 2nd – 6th August 2010.  The Tournament is a heavy tackle Marlin tournament fished on 24 or 37 kg line, and whilst we have not yet received the detailed invitation it is estimated that the entry fee will be US$2500 per person which will include all functions, fishing, boats etc but excludes accommodation and airfare.
  • Nominations are hereby called for a 3 person team to represent South Africa (Protea Colours) at the 57th International Billfish Tournament to be held at San Juan Puerto Rico, between 16th and 22nd August 2010. It is estimated that the Entry Fee will be US$2500 per person which will include all functions,fishing boats etc but excludes accommodation and Airfare.
  • Nominations are hereby called for a three person team to represent SADSAA Masters at the Billfish Nationals to be hosted at Sodwana Zululand between 21st and 27th November 2010. This is an own boat competition and entry fees are R6000 per team.
  • Nominations are hereby called for a three person team to represent SADSAA Masters and a three person team to represent SADSAA under 19’s to participate in the Gamefish Nationals to be held at Sodwana between 21st and 27th November 2010. This is an own boat competition and the entry fees are R6000 per team.

Nominations must be received by Lappies Labuschagne on or before Wednesday, 19 May 2010.

Kona, Hawaii produces first Grander for 2010

Blue Marlin - 1104 lbs.

The first grander of 2010 was caught earlier this year off the boat Marlin Magic – a 43 foot custom Allied Marine skippered by captain Jason Holtz.

The female angler Jill Anderson and her husband John flew in from Florida for their honeymoon just the night before…

This blue marlin weighed in at an impressive 1104 lbs.

It was caught from the waters of Kona, Hawaii and fell target to a medium size Marlin Magic Ahi Pussy Bullet.