2011 Mercury OET Bill & Gamefish Tournament Report – Records are made to be broken


Excitement fills the air as an announcement is made on the fourth day of the 34th Mercury OET Bill & Gamefish Tournament.  The Mpumalanga Deep Sea Angling Association announces a special prize for the 100th billfish Tagged & Released in the tournament.  Even though the magic 100 number was not met on the 4th day, it was a reality in the early hours of Friday morning when team Backline released the 100th Billfish of the tournament.

The statistics for this year’s tournament is astonishing.  A total of 120 billfish were caught during the tournament.  109 of these were released while only 11 were brought to the scale.  As usual a few of these fish had to be disqualified because of long leaders or fish not meeting the minimum requirements, but these were few and far between.

Once again the Mpumalanga Deep Sea Angling Association salutes the OET anglers on a 91% billfish release rate!!!

At the prize giving later that evening a total of R1.4 Million rand worth of prizes were presented to various anglers thanks to our legendary sponsors.

Tournament Results: