New Spreadsheet System for ORI Tag Members

Please see the following communication from the Oceanographic Research Institute

Dear ORI Tagging Member

The time has come to upgrade to the new age of emails and leave behind the snail post. For this reason we have created two spreadsheets for those of you who have email and are literate in Microsoft excel. The first spreadsheet (spreadsheet 1) is to record all tagged fish on, i.e. tag releases. Simply transfer the data from the white tag cards onto the spreadsheet and return it to me. Many of you are already familiar with this procedure. IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL TAG CARDS incase a mistake is made either by you or me. The second spreadsheet, which none of you have seen before, is for recaptured fish. Instead of sending us those old style yellow forms please enter the tag recapture information on the spreadsheet attached (see spreadsheet 2) and send it back to me as for the previously mentioned spreadsheet for tagged fish. Both these spreadsheets are designed to make life easier for you and me, as well as save us valuable money. If you are unable to get to a computer often enough to convert your tag information into the above attached excel spreadsheets then please continue to send your data via post as you have done before. Please feel free to email this document to your fellow taggers.

Spreadsheet for Taggers (1)

Spreadsheet for Recaptures (2)

Look forward to seeing some nice returns

Kind regards

Tagging Officer
Oceanographic Research Institute
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