Grander Tracking – Number 9,10,11,12,13 & 14

Since my previous post on Grander Tracking on 21 July 2010 –  another 6 Granders have been confirmed… Lets take a look at the different fish:

Grander #9: Blue Marlin – 1,000 + lbs – Vialmoura, Portugal

The 9th grander for 2010 was caught and released off Vialmoura, Portugal on Thursday the 8th of July.

Captain Thiago Palma on the Blue Shark released a blue that was estimated at 1,000+ lbs.

Grander #10: Blue Marlin – 1,005 lbs – Bermuda

Blue Marlin - 1005 lbs

The 10th grander for 2010 was caught off Bermuda on Wednesday the 21st of July.

The Blue Marlin weighed in at 1,005 lbs Blue Marlin by the crew of the C-Ya with Capt. Rene Bonneval. This is the 2nd Grander Blue Marlin caught in Bermuda this year.

The fish was caught on a Black Moldcraft Wide Range

The fighting time was about an hour.

Grander #11: Blue Marlin – 1,005 lbs – Bermuda

Blue Marlin - 1005 lbs

The 11th grander for 2010 was also caught off Bermuda on Wednesday the 21st of July.

How amazing is this, two granders from Bermuda on the same day with exactly the same weight – 1005 lbs… But wait there’s more – this fish was also caught on a….. yes, you guessed it – a Moldcraft Wide Range, but this time it was in black & pink.

Congratulations to Capt. Travis Butters from the Que Mas.

Grander #12: Blue Marlin – 1,010 lbs – Ocean City

Blue Marlin - 1010 lbs

The 12th Grander for 2010 was caught in the White Marlin Open hosted in Ocean City, Maryland on Tuesday the 3rd of August.

According to “From The Water Magazine” this is the second year in a row that a Grander Blue Marlin has been weighed in the White Marlin Open.

The Fish was caught by Jame Kontos on the boat Let It Ride. The marlin weighed in at  1,010 lbs. This after an impressive 790 lbs Blue was weighed in the previous day.

The fish was caught on a Moldcraft, Blue/Clear Super Chugger on the short rigger and took 62 minutes to boat.

Grander #13: Blue Marlin – 1,024 lbs – Cape Verde Islands

Blue Marlin - 1024 lbs

The 13th Grander for 2010 was caught off the Cape Verde Islands on Thursday the 2nd of September.

This Blue Marlin was caught by German angler Heiko Steinmetz and weighed in at 1024 lbs.  This is Heiko’s second grander… His previous grander was caught in 2006 and weighed in at 1012 lbs.

For a video of Heiko’s first grander please visit this link: Youtube Video

Congratulations to Captain Faust Van Meel on the Black Marlin. The fish was caught with a custom built 18-Inch plastic lure and took about an hour to boat.

Grander #14: Black Marlin – 1,000 + lbs – Cairns, Australia

Black Marlin - 1000+ lbs

The 14th Grander for 2010 was caught and released off the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns – Australia on Sunday the 10th of October.

Captain Tim Richardson – charter skipper on the Tradition released a Black Marlin he called “well over 1,000 lbs”.

This is the first grander black produced in the GBR this year but with the Lizzard Island Black Marlin Classic currently under weigh, I’m certain this will change.

Sources: From The Water Magazine & StripersOnline SurfTalk