Grander Tracking – Number 3,4,5,6,7 & 8

June & July seems to be the time for BIG fish with a total of six Granders caught in the last couple of months… Lets take a look at the different fish:

Grander #3: Blue Marlin – 1,038 lbs – Mexico

Blue Marlin - 1038 lbs

The third grander for 2010 was caught off Veracruz, in the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday the 19th of June.

While marlin fishing for his first time, in the 9th Annual El Pescador Marlin Tournament, angler Paco Iniguez Aguilar aboard the La Valiente (a 21 ft trophy center console) caught this 1,038 lbs blue marlin.

The fish was to large that she could not fit into the boat and they had to ask for assistance from another tournament participant in order to bring her in.

She was caught on a Black Bart RPP in yellowfin tuna color and the approximate fighting time as a little over one and a half hours.

Grander #4: Blue Marlin – 1,000 lbs – Cape Verde Islands
Grander #5: Blue Marlin – 1,200 lbs – Cape Verde Islands

Blue Marlin - 1000 lbs

The 4th and 5th grander for 2010 was caught off San Nicola, Cape Verde Islands on Wednesday the 30th of June.

Captain Ferdi Worst on the Bebiche had a double grander day. They boated a Blue Marlin that was right at the mark but there were no adequate scales to weigh the fish. Her tail girth was right at the magical 20” mark.

The second fish – also a blue was estimated at 1200 lbs but the leader snapped while the crew was handling the fish next to the boat.

The anglers were Jon Albisu and Rafael Modrego from Spain. The first fish was caught on a “Big Grander” lure with a fighting of about 1 hour while the second fish fell for a Mold Craft softy with a fighting time of about one and a half hours.

Grander #6: Blue Marlin – 1,097 lbs – Cape Verde Islands

Blue Marlin - 1097 lbs

The 6th grander for 2010 was caught off the Cape Verde Islands on Sunday the 4th of July.

While fishing in the Blue Marlin World Cup, angler Chris Brand caught a Blue Marlin of 1,097 lbs on the Happy Hooker captained by Berno Neibuhr.

This is the 3rd GRANDER caught in this international tournament in its history.

Congratulations to the Happy Hooker on the impressive fish and the Blue Marlin World Cup trophy.

Grander #7: Black Marlin – 1,150 lbs – Panama

Black Marlin - 1150 lbs

The 7th grander for 2010 was released off Panama on Sunday the 11th of July.

Captain John Richardson released a huge black marlin in Panama’s Perlas Islands. Not known as a major marlin destination. The fish was estimated around 1,150 lbs

Congratulations to John and the expert crew on the PICAFLOR for this astounding catch.

Grander #8: Blue Marlin – 1,012 lbs – Bermuda

Blue Marlin - 1012 lbs

The 8th grander for 2010 was caught off Bermuda on Monday the 12th of July.

Captain Kevin Winter on the Playmate weighed in a 1,012 Blue Marlin. The fish unfortunately died during the battle and came up dead after two and a half hours.

Congratulations to the angler John Andryszewski.

Sources: From The Water Magazine & StripersOnline SurfTalk